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P&O Cruises now offer a selection of cruises that include the city of Nessebur in Bulgaria on the Black Sea as a Port-of-Call.

The ancient town of Nessebur lies on a small, rocky peninsular in the Black Sea, connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. Truly picturesque, its narrow cobblestone streets, period wooden houses and medieval churches tell the story of its rich history, which dates back two millennia.

Be seduced by the romantic atmosphere, as you explore its UNESCO protected old quarter. At almost every turn you will come across one of its many beautiful churches, whose ornamental facades decorate the town. One of the oldest sanctuaries is the Basilica, which dates back to around the 5th century, whilst the most impressive is the 25 metre long Old Bishop’s Residence.

As well as churches you can also see the remains of the fortress walls, admire its blend of architecture from different epochs, as well as explore its beaches and museums. Nearby, visit the town of Burgas, set on the shores of the largest bay on the Black Sea coast.

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Nessebur Cruises from P&O Cruises

P&O Nessebur Cruises also feature a fantastic selection of shore excursions. We’ve listed a few of the most popular excursions below. Please check the P&O Nessebur Excursions page for a complete list of current excursions.

Nessebur Sights and Pomorie Wines
See the sights of Nessebur and then indulge in some wine tasting at the relaxing Pomorie resort.

Take part in a walking tour along the narrow cobblestoned streets of Nessebur. Pass by St. Stephen Church, built in the 11th century, a significant example of Bulgarian medieval architecture, and visit the ruins of St. Sophia Church dating from the 5th century. Stop for a photo of St. John the Baptist Church and the Church of the Pantocrator which has the best preserved exterior of the churches seen.
Take the weight off your feet during a coach ride to Pomorie resort. En route, stop at the small St. George Monastery where choral singing will welcome you. Established by Greek settlers in the 7th century, it was destroyed during the Ottoman invasion. The present-day church was built in 1856 over the foundations of the preceding ones. Pomorie resort is situated on a small peninsular in the centre of the biggest salt pans of Bulgaria. Tour this relaxing resort and visit the wine cellars of Pomorie for a chance to taste the aromatic wines and brandies produced by the local factory.

Bulgarian Experience
Experience Bulgaria’s rich culture and traditions on this leisurely tour.

Sunny Beach is Bulgaria’s largest resort complex with numerous hotels, villa settlements and an 8km-long, 60m-wide golden sandy beach. This trip will take you to the Trakia Restaurant for a Bulgarian cooking and dancing lesson!
Bulgarian cuisine has grown out of a wealth of culinary traditions. Essentially Slavic, it also shows hints of Turkish, Greek, Italian and Middle Eastern influences. The most popular and typical Bulgarian dish is banitsa, cheese and egg pie. It is served for breakfast with yoghurt and can be eaten as a snack, hot or cold. With the assistance of a professional cook you’ll learn how to make it. While your culinary effort is baking, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy and learn the most popular Bulgarian folk dances ‘Horo’ and ‘Rachenitsa’. Having much in common with dances from Macedonia, Greece and Romania they have joined hands and intricate footwork. Afterwards, taste some Bulgarian snacks, grape vodka and local wines as the professional folkloric group perform for you.

Ancient Nessebur
What better way to discover the rich heritage of Nessebur than to walk along the narrow streets listed in UNESCO world cultural and historic heritage.

Your walking tour will take in the well-preserved remains of St. John the Alliturgetos Church. Dating back to the 14th century the church has an extremely rich exterior decoration. Continue to Nessebur’s main church, Church of St. Stephen, built in the 11th century and a significant example of medieval Bulgarian architecture. Marvel at the eastern facade, consisting of 3 high apses, decorated with ceramic rosettes.
Stroll along the cobblestone streets lined with typical two-storied houses. In the centre of the town are the ruins of St. Sophia, erected at the end of 5th century and rebuilt 400 years later. See St. John the Baptist Church, topped by a drum-supported dome, and the Church of the Pantokrator which has the best-preserved exterior in Nessebur. Conclude your tour with a visit to the Archaeological Museum, featuring a rich collection of ancient Greek and Roman artifacts as well as various archaeological finds. The pride of the museum is its impressive collection of Bulgarian icons.

A Glimpse of Two Towns
A chance to visit two ancient towns on the Bulgarian south coast.

Enjoy a walking tour of Nessebur’s most popular sites, including a visit to the Church of St. Stephen and several of the most important churches or ruins of the town.
A panoramic drive will take you past the unique salt pans and Bulgarian port Burgas to the ancient town of Sozopol. Located on the scenic rocky peninsula, this fishing village is the most charming place on the Bulgarian coast. Founded in 610 BC by Greeks from Miletus, it was named Apollonia in honor of their patron Apollo. In Sozopol refreshments will be served in one of the local restaurants before your walking tour through the old town. View the houses which cluster along the narrow cobblestoned streets and visit the Archaeological Museum displaying the rich collection of ceramic vessels, marble grave stones, antique coins and detailed copies of the antique ships. Visit the Holy Virgin Church whose interior is decorated with a beautiful wood-carved iconostasis and bishop’s throne.

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